Harvest Meadows Pavilion


Fast Facts:

Construction Date: January 2016

Size: 20 feet wide by 20 feet long

Seating Capacity: Four tables (2 tables accommodate wheel chairs) with a maximum seating capacity of 28 people (plus two wheel chairs)

Electric Outlets: Two electric outlets

Barbeque Grills: 1 grill

Pavilion Rules

1. Be respectful of others.
2. No smoking in the pavilion area.
3. Residents must clean up the pavilion area (e.g. pick up trash, wipe down tables, etc) after using it.
4. Residents who have an approved reservation for the pavilion (as indicated on the reservation schedule below) are granted exclusive use of the pavilion during the reservation period and may ask others to leave the pavilion area.

Schedule a Reservation

To reserve the pavilion, please complete the following:

1. Complete the pavilion reservation request form (To download the form, click here.)

2. Submit the completed request form to the District's property manager.

3. Mail the applicable deposit and fee to the District.
    - Rental Fee: $0 for owners of Lots within the District; $100/hr for all other applicants
    - Refundable Deposit: $100.00 - Check will not be cashed unless funds are needed to clean/repair Pavilion area.
         -Please make a check payable to High Point Metro District

After completing the above steps, the District manager will let you know whether your reservation request has been approved.  Once your request is approved, it will be added to the reservation schedule below. 

Current Approved Reservation Schedule

Date Time Reserved For:
June 17th (Saturday) 11am-3pm Onstott (10046 Fraser St)
June 17th (Saturday) Dusk Community Event
June 24th (Satuday) Dusk Community Event
July 08th (Satuday) Dusk Community Event
July 13th (Thursday) 6pm Community Event
July 25th (Tuesday) 6pm Community Event
July 29th (Saturday) 12pm-4pm Ulrich (10133 Fairplay St)
July 29th (Saturday) Dusk Community Event
August 5th (Tuesday) 5pm Community Event
August 12th (Saturday) TBA Community Event
August 20th (Sunday) 2pm Community Event
September 9th (Saturday) 2pm Community Event
September 24th (Sunday) 11am-2pm Community Event
October 29th (Sunday) TBA Community Event
October 31st (Tuesday) 6pm-8pm Community Event


Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez